Management Principle 9

Make tasks, schedules and holiday arrangements as personalised as possible

Some religious practices initially seem difficult to fit into the work environment. Think, for example, of a fasting period or religious holidays with a variable date. They give rise to questions about adjustments to work tasks, timetables and holiday arrangements.

These kinds of questions also need to be investigated. And, here again, for successful implementation of the solution, it is best that as many employees of the SME as possible benefit from it.


Tips on engaging with personalised benefits in an inclusive way

  • Consider whether a change in an employee’s range of tasks is possible, for a limited period – for example for employees with a particular life philosophy, for people with a disability, for top-level (hobby) athletes, parents of new-born babies, etc.
  • Under which conditions is an adjustment of the work schedule for a certain period of time feasible.
  • Discuss leave requests as promptly as possible.

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a talk with

Houssein Boukhriss

Trainer and consultant in the field of diversity management and intercultural communication at Trace BV.

According to this expert, when it comes to changes in work schedules, tasks and holiday arrangements, sufficient attention must be paid to both the consequences for others and the long-term.

‘Take particular care not to (unwittingly and unintentionally) discriminate against others, out of respect for a specific group. Diversity management is about pushing boundaries, but also about clarifying boundaries.’

Consider the consequences
‘Good intentions in favour of one group sometimes have the opposite effect on others in the workplace. What may be initially workable, may ultimately negatively impact good relationships and cooperation. Informed decisions should therefore be made. It is not possible to satisfy everyone’s wishes at every moment, purely out of respect for difference. If common interests are threatened by personal interest, then limits can be set. Respect must always be mutual.’

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Tools om een veilige werkomgeving mogelijk te maken

Deze vrij raadpleegbare, online tools helpen het huidige niveau van je organisatie op vlak van diversiteit en/of inclusie te bepalen:

Tailor facilities to personal needs and wants wherever possible

Encourage connectedness in and beyond the workplace

Tailor facilities to personal needs and wants wherever possible

Encourage connectedness in and beyond the workplace