Management Principle 6

Create broad acceptance and support

Inclusion isn’t just driven from the top down in an organisation. It’s created together. However, it is the task of the manager to ensure that this drive is shared and that there is support and broad acceptance in the workplace.

Creating acceptance?
Support or acceptance for a particular plan or decision must be obtained from everyone in the organisation. In doing so, a manager obtains intrinsic motivation and commitment from all employees.


Tips for creating acceptance and support

  • Involve staff in issues that are or may be related to inclusion and in managing diversity in life philosophies.
  • Inform employees through a variety of channels about the specific goals and measures related to this topic.
  • Develop a communication plan regarding the organisation’s inclusion plans.

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a talk with

Hakim Benichou

Consultant in the field of the inclusive organisation and CEO of Teamspeler

According to Hakim, creating support is important, for any issue. Why? A decision that is supported by everyone will lead to better implementation of that decision. On the other hand, the process of creating broad support cannot function as an obstacle to introducing the chosen change. After all, the behaviour and culture of organisations only change as a result of doing new things, and not by endlessly discussing them.

‘It’s extremely important to be very clear about what you are creating support for, as manager and organisation. First check whether you can tell a coherent story, that can also be conveyed to others and which they will support 100%.’

Communicate openly about boundaries
‘When building support, it’s also important to indicate where the boundaries lie. For example, if an organisation decides not to allow life philosophy symbols in the workplace, this is clearly a boundary. So you must be able to justify this ban objectively and reasonably. And align your HR policy, and your value-adding activities and so on with all the philosophy of life issues for which you want to create support, so that there are no inconsistencies.’

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Tools om een veilige werkomgeving mogelijk te maken

Deze vrij raadpleegbare, online tools helpen het huidige niveau van je organisatie op vlak van diversiteit en/of inclusie te bepalen:

Create a safe working environment

Promote inclusive thinking - and inclusive action

Create a safe working environment

Promote inclusive thinking - and inclusive action